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Traduction et transcription de la vidéo / Translation and Transcription of the video

Voice of the man holding the phone :
partagez, faites tournez, vous etes 250 ! J'ai relancé, vous etes 250...
= Share, share it, you are 250 ! I've relaunch (the live broadcast), you are 250...

other voices:
- ?
-Viens, on va te niquer ta race ... (female voice) = Come, we are going to fuck you !
-EH ! Viens wallah... (wallah is not French, it's Arabic) = Eyh ! Come "wallah"
(it's not sure if "Wallah" is well written though, :( )

In front of an official building

Peoples is heard screaming whil hitting the windows and throwings objects at the windows and doors

next scene :

(female voice): eh, restez là !
=Eyh, stay here !

next scene :
Voice of the man holding the phone :
(voices can be heard in the surroundings): On s'en bat les couilles = We don't give a shit
Written message can be seen on the wall, it says "Flics, Violeurs, Assasins" = Cops, Rapists, Killers
(others voices encourage others to act violently: "Baisez-leurs leurs mères!"=Fuck them/Fuck there mothers)
Voice of the man holding the phone :
-Vous etes en Live ! Vous etes 1400 ! Vous etes sur Twitter ! Vous etes en direct !
=You are on live ! You are 1400 ! You are on Twitter ! You are on live !
(The man then say his name's account, something like "instagaming93"or "astagaming93")
Voice of the man holding the phone :
-Partagez ! Partagez !
=Share ! Share !
-Vous etes 1500 ! Vous etes en direct ! vous etes 1500 !
= You are 1500 ! You are on live ! You are 1500 !
(voices can be heard, yelling : "OUAIS !!!!!" = Yeah !!!!)
Voice of the man holding the phone :
-ça tremble ! Vous etes pas sur place, mais ça vibre !
=It's shaking (speaking of the ground) ! You are not here, but it's shaking !
next scene :
Voice of the man holding the phone :
-Bah, (probably aswering a question) on doit etre dix-milles (10000), bon j'sais pas, vu le monde qu'il y a...
=We might be ten thousands (10000) (speaking of the numbers of people in the crowd), well i don't know, there is so much people...
-Là ça va vers la route, là ça va vers le tribunal ! ça va vers le tribunal ! On est en direct, vous etes 3000 ! On est en direct !
=It's going toward the road, it's heading to the tribunal ! It's heading to the tribunal ! We are on live, you are 3000 ! We are on live !
(the crowd is now yelling while lining up in front of the "CRS" =Riot Police, They scream : "Justice pour Théo"= Justice for Théo)
(It is a reference of the case where a 20 Y.O )
next scene:
The crowd is heard yelling : "Ahhh!!!" = Ahhhh !!! as they are destroying cars of ordinary citizens.
At the end they just yell "Ouais!!"= Yeah !!

- A French citizen.
Ps: they are not "immigrants", they are thugs "Racailles" in French.
They Just want to act violently and fight with police men.
They usually have a French I.D. and are not recent immigrants, however they hate France and are always saying that there country is best and tell white people are racist or islamophobics.


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