Spring Time at Yonberg !

Our passion for Spring time

Spring is just starting to come out. Happy days are coming back, trees are blooming, birds are singing. Streets will be crowded pretty soon by people seeking for happiness. Street artists are going to offer their own talents to the passers-by, who will love to make a stop to watch the show!
Parks, beaches and streets are going to be overrunned by thousands of people. Summer time music is already going to ring out in our heads, skin pigments to be coloured and many lovers will be seen on every street corner.
During our long summer evenings around a bonfire, you will play some YONBERG harmonica to join the friend who plays guitar. Playing famous music to catch on each person by your side, and united, everybody will start to sing. For a few minutes, during this song time, all these hearts will be united in a delicate and unique shiver.
YONBERG wishes to pass on its own values and its passion for music shared with all the harmonica players. And we realized that nobody could speak about us better than you, you: the musicians, you: the harmonica players, you, who already own one of our instrument and enjoy every part of it.
So today, we give you the opportunity to become a YONBERG referent client.
What’s the principle? You can subscribe to be referenced on a geographical card thanks to the name of your city. It will offer the opportunity to propose some services to other YONBERG clients or people who want to discover our products or, more simply, harmonica: to provide advice, to give lessons, to customize instruments, to propose special tunings…
This way, the members of the YONBERG community will be able to interact and to communicate, directly or remotely.
Willing to try ?
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Quote of the month : 
Leonide Pervomaïski
"No matter the words, with music, these are the feelings that count the most." 
Clip of the month
A street harmonica player who gives chills to the Yonberg team !
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