Each song got an end, however, this does not prevent us to fully enjoy its music.

Music is a state of mind, whether you play piano, guitar, harmonica or drums, whether you listen to rock, classic or jazz music, the very heart is the same, only shape is changing.
A song can take you on journeys, through your memories. Sometimes you just need to hear a piece of music to be simply brought at the precise moment where you heard it for the very first time. Some people tell that, sometimes, a song is such symbolic that it became one's own life final credits roll.
In the cold winter, music lights up our hearts and souls, and by the fireplace, conviviality settles up, sharing takes place, and our bordies get warmer.
A kind of strenght does exist in music, which brings us happiness, that nothing else could fill in instead.
 YONBERG shares this state of mind. Our harmonicas, admired for its warm sound, connect with emotion harmonicists with their own public. This instruments, small and easily portable, help you to travel, anywhere and at any time, in the wonderful universe that only music can offer.


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Quote of the month : 
Bob Marley
"One good thing about music,
when it hits you, you feel no pain" 
Clip of the month
Our agreed artist Beija Jeanzac is playing for you with his YONBERG harmonica
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