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Dear mr.pochon

I search some informations for my travel to boston.

I want to move everydays, i don't want to stay at hotel

But i want to sleep in very good conditions, i speak about the hotel. I want bathroom, a big chamber, a large TV and Wi-Fi but, of course, i don't want a luxury hotel it's too expensive for me, just a basic hotel it's good.

During the week, i want to visit attractive places likes amusement parks, or night clubs...
I want to visit some monuments at the weekend, like the Old State House and the famous Harvard University but no more...
I like sports, so i've heard about the Fenway Park, a baseball stadium.

Can i do shopping in Boston ?, so tell me some luxury shops please.
Is there public transports, subways, buses or anythings ?
There are typical foods, or particular restaurants ?
Can i practice boat or cruise in the Charles River ?


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